Giving Back

Pristine Labour believes in giving back to the community by offering our services to a number of charities. Our team provides labour free of charge to charities wanting specific assistance and we encourage our employees to involve us in charities that they are actively supporting.

Dear Pristine Labour Inc.

Please accept our heartfelt gratitude for your generous donation of $2,500 over the past 5 years to establish the Pristine Award of Excellence for Technology Education.

Thanks to your support, 5 students have been supported in their post-secondary journeys, including Mitch (Alumnus ‘18). After graduating from Fraser Academy, Mitch went on to complete the Aerospace Technology Program at BCIT, and now builds aircrafts from the ground up!

We are so grateful for your commitment to Fraser Academy and our incredible students.

Warm regards,

Annual Giving & Alumni Officer

Fraser Academy