Keeping you safer

About Safety

At Pristine Labour, when it comes to safety, it is our top priority and there can be no compromises or shortcuts. We ensure our employees know their responsibilities so that everyone can work in a safe environment.

Being COR Certified means that Pristine Labour has demonstrated a continuous commitment to realizing the standards of worker health and safety. We made this commitment to reduce your risk in your workplace.

Brilliant Benefits

  • Free safety equipment (gloves, glasses, dust masks, and earplugs)
  • Optional certification training
  • Support and advice

Exceptional Training

A well trained labourer means better work for the client and the ability to rise up in the ranks.

Safety First

Pristine Labour employees are our most valuable asset Working safely on the job is very important and is given high priority at all times. Everyone has a responsibility to maintain a safe working enviroment.